AI+LIFE HACKS丨Shenwan Pineapple Cultural Tourism Month
栏目:人文 来源: 中山市海外传播中心 发布:2024-04-12

In Shenwan Town, Zhongshan, the area of pineapple cultivation covers nearly 4,000 mu, with an annual output of approximately 7,000 tons, generating an annual output value exceeding 100 million yuan.


From April 29th to May 31st, Shenwan Town will host the 4th Shenwan Pineapple Cultural Tourism Month and Investment Economic and Trade Fair in 2024. During this period, Shenwan Town will feature activities such as a gourmet market, Golden Earth Concert, roller skating competition, camping festival series, and night running events, welcoming the arrival of visitors.


【统筹】陈慧 廖薇 明剑
【编导】廖薇 甘颖 

编辑 甘颖  二审 廖薇  三审 陈浩勤



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