Discover Zhongshan丨在中山逛博物馆,外国友人称“大开眼界”
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Fantastic Tour in Zhongshan Museum

On May 18, 2024, the world is celebrating International Museum Day, embracing this year's theme: "Museums for Education and Research". This significant occasion marks the 48th anniversary of "International Museum Day".As the main event of Guangdong takes place in Zhongshan, a series of themed activities are held in the Zhongshan Museum, including high-quality exhibitions, public welfare events, study tours, ideological and political education classes, and cultural and creative product exhibitions. Many expats also come to have fun.

【统筹】谢琼 廖薇
【翻译】廖薇 饶梅芳
【摄制】罗杨鸿 实习生 汪羽涵

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